The Blues Mobile Updates

When we talk about the Blues Mobile, we're not talking about the ex-police car used by Jake and Elwood in the Blues Brothers movie.

We're talking about a three wheeled rolling blues machine wired for sound and video that we take to our location shoots during live broadcasts.

We figure if Oscar Mayer® can have their roving Wienermobile™, Blues.Net should not be outdone by a rolling hotdog.

Currently the Blues Mobile is about 50% complete, and we hope to have our crack mechanics working overtime to have her ready soon.

We hope to have some photos posted shortly, so be sure to check back often and keep up on the progress. If you would like to follow along with the updates a bit easier, just join our mailing list and we will give you more detailed updates as they happen. You won't find it hard to miss. You should be able to hear a bit of B.B. King or Muddy Waters filling the air about 4 minutes before she pulls into the parking lot.

And don't forget, we also said she will be wired for video as well, so when that trike pulls up along side you, don't forget to wave and blow the world a kiss, because you may never know when the camera may be on you.

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